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Welcome to the Toon twitter adventures/Toon Adventures Terms and conditions page all infomation will be on site once it's made

the terms and conditions center for our new site will get to any problems you have if you ever get spammed contact the Admins or peacekeepers on there and we want role play names not real names if you violate this then you'll be banned/disabled and reading our blogs and pages of rules that are needed so you won't loose your account one you can change your username 5 times during sign up you'll see by the blank were you put your username it'll say it's like a rp email you need to role play share post pictures and stuff from gallery play games post videos on channels podcast and if you ever want to be admin just go to the staff page a click registration and you'll have to fill out name your date of birth and your email if you don't have gravatar your avatar has to be uploaded ok now with the terms and condition. No. 1 you will get an confirmation no. During sign up or verifying link button etc. and your account wil be created no.2 no Humanized irl pictures I'm ok with cartoon humans but not irl pictures TTA bot will send you a warning that u have an irl picture and we only allow Mlp paw patrol code lyoko littlest pet shop blaze and the monster machines Dora and friends sabrina secrets of a teenage witch wallykazam little charmers shimmer and shine Alvin and the chipmunks and any cartoons or fandom art from nick Disney discovery family sprout pbs and stuff like that make sure to follow us on Twitter all blogs have rules. 3. you have to be nice with the admins if you want tto stay on this site no bully no drama unless the users have the selection in the profile and no asking to be admin unless you sign out the signing sheet to join the admins of the site or helpers

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